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The retention phase of treatment is, in many ways, just as important as the phase of orthodontic treatment when brackets or aligners are used! Teeth move from constant pressure, no matter how light the pressure is, and as people age and their jaws change, those pressures also change. That is why at Pittman Family Orthodontics we recommend “nighttime for a lifetime” with your retainers.

For most of our cases, we place a small wire behind your bottom teeth and glue it to two teeth. These wires are great for retaining both alignment of the lower incisors and your bite correction. When bonded to only two teeth, they can still be kept clean. We also give patients removable retainers – two sets for the top and one for the bottom. However, since every case and treatment plan is unique, our retention approach is different and may include additional bonded retainers, a nightguard, modified removable retainer designs, and the list goes on!



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