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Self-Ligating Brackets

One of the exciting developments in orthodontics is the self-ligating bracket. Self-ligating means that the bracket is designed to hold the arch wire within the slot, usually with a door that can be opened and closed at your orthodontic appointment with a special tool. Traditionally, orthodontists have needed to use elastic ligatures or steel-ties to hold the wire in place but with self-ligating brackets, elastic ligatures and steel-ties are not needed as often.It is true your orthodontist can get phenomenal results with both self-ligating brackets and traditional brackets, but at Pittman Family Orthodontics, we love using self-ligating brackets for a few reasons.

Your appointments are typically quicker because opening and closing doors requires less time than removing and replacing ligatures and steel-ties. Another benefit is that when a wire is activated by a closed door, the tooth will continue to move until the wire is completely expressed within the bracket, unlike elastic ligatures which deteriorate with time. This means we can often go longer between appointments, making it easier for our patients to fit orthodontic appointments into their busy lives.Most of our patients also find that it is easier to keep their teeth clean with self-ligating brackets because the edges are smoother and as a result retain less plaque than elastic ligatures.


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